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A family owned and operated company, Pulmonary Solutions provides the medical equipment needed by those suffering from sleep or respiratory disorders with excellence, respect, compassion and dignity. We use the unique combination of old fashioned values and state of the art medical technology to give our patients the treatment they need. Our medical equipment solutions include Auto CPAP, CPAPBi-levelASV, AVAPS Equipment and more for treating sleep disorders like sleep apnea. We also offer NebulizersHome Oxygen, Portable Oxygen Concentrator, CoughAssistVentilator and Afflo and InCourage Vest equipment for various respiratory disorders. In addition, our state of the art supply replacement concierge service for those needing replacement of sleep therapy supplies. We strive to bring excellence to the health care industry and to make a difference in the health of our patients. To see how we can help you or a loved one, Contact Us today or browse our Online Catalog.


The educated professionals at Pulmonary Solutions provide premier customer, product, educational and billing services designed to make our patients’ lives easier. We care for our patients by providing evaluations, product delivery, in-store clinics and other helpful services. See below for our complete service listing by category.

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Purchase and Rental from a large range of sleep

and respiratory medical equipment including:


  • Auto CPAP, CPAP, Bi-Level, ASV, AVAPS

  • Oxygen, Portable Oxygen Concentrator, POC

  • Ventilator

  • Coughulator, Coughassist

  • Afflo, inCourage Vest

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Below are the list of Testimonies on Pulmonary Solutions Products and Services. These testimonies are authorized and Permitted for publications on Pulmonary Solutions Website with the confirmation of the main author. Any testimonies are subject to change.

"Loan was great! She was good at describing both cpap resmed operating and mask fitting and cleaning procedures etc. The experience was very good. Thank You, My apnia and hypoxia is improving in only a few days. It has plagued and eluded me for years. I was/ am losing weight and eating better. now I have more energy and it will be even easier now with the cpap. I look forward to educating others about apnia. Such a terrible - elusive but treatable disease. Thanks again pulmonary solutions!!!"  
~ Scott Anthony


"I have nothing but positive feedback to offer. My husband had a stroke on 9-10-2014. He was a loud snorer & never went to the doctor to get it checked. We are paying a severe price due to this illness and all the complications. I manged to take the time to go for a physical myself and found out I have sleep apnea like my husband. I got mine march 3rd and made a resolve to make my machine and the experience positive. I am the primary care giver and I need to put on the mask for him and take care of his machine, tubing, nose piece etc. He got his 2 days ago and having had little experience before hand helps a lot to encourage him not to get frustrated and quit using it. he has central apnea also. I don't need to nap during the day!" ~ Anonymous

"Thank you very much for your stellar performance in setting me up with my ResMed CPAP machine. Your detailed attention of educating me about the equipment, fitting me with the right mask, and meeting me with 3 hours after I called you about a defective air pump. You arranged for an exchange and delivered the new CPAP machine to my home by 9:00am the very next day.

Your follow up has been very professional. You always return my calls within minutes. You are solution driven, and deliver outstanding results to me as a patient." (Read More of this testimonies download the PDF below)

~ Gary W. Barnes
Rancho Santa Margarita, CA


“We saw a mutual patient and his family in our Sacramento satellite ALS clinic on Friday. He had only wonderful things to say about Randy Ware, RCP and Renee Flood, CSR who worked so closely with him managing his Trilogy ventilator. When he entered hospice care with VA and UC-Davis, Randy Ware made the transition a smooth one. The family is so appreciative and so am I. I would like to write a personal letter to Randy Ware, RCP and any other RT that worked with the family. Thank you Pulmonary Solutions for giving a great services especially on your customer service who is behind the scenes making life easier for our patients, so a big thanks you to them as well. Thanks to the manager and all staff, we appreciate your service. We know our patient population is not easy to serve as the disease progresses rapidly and they may need more care. It is also easy to become attached to our patients only to lose them too soon. I want to acknowledge that as well.”

~ Lee Guion RTT, FAARC
Neurorespiratory Clinical Specialist
Forbes Norris MDA/ALS Research and Treatment Center