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Specialized Services


Customer Services

  • 24-hour emergency service for life sustain modalities i.e. Ventilator, 24 hour Oxygen

  • Patient evaluations for specialized products

  • Equipment set up at convenience of customer home

  • Securing proper documentation for patients

  • Conducting trial fittings and product samplings

  • Arranging for patient travel


Product Services

  • Delivery to wherever our patients are located, no matter if it is 2 hours or 2 minutes

  • Labor for warranty repair of defective products

  • Product use monitoring and compliance report preparation to send to doctors and insurance companies on your behalf

  • Equipment cleaning

  • Loaner products when your equipment is in for service

  • Additional E-tanks at no extra cost

  • Oxygen conserving devices for easier oxygen portability

  • In special cases, providing equipment before being able to bill for it


Educational Services

  • Product and technology training for physicians and therapists

  • Respiratory health education to seniors in assisted living centers

Billing & Claim Denial

  • Billing of primary or secondary payer sources based upon health insurance contracted rates

  • Rework of denied claims

  • Providing equipment in special cases prior to being able to bill for them

  • Accepting assignment (we file your claim with the insurance company or Medicare so you receive the maximum benefit available)

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