Frequently asked questions


How do I pay my bill on-line?

You can visit our invoice payment center with the below link. Or you can visit our "services" page on our website for easy access. at


How do I order supplies?

We have several ways to accomodate the busy professional that meets your needs. 1. Phone 1-866-721-2340 to order all eligible supplies direct from our IVR system. 2. Text message to 408-907-6772 with the key word RESUPPLY 3. Email 4. On-line portal


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What is PAP Compliance?

PAP Compliance is using your PAP device from the 1st day you received the equipment for a continious 30 day period. Using the PAP 4 hours or more per night, in a 30 day period, compliance % of 70% or greater in the 90 day period. At Pulmonary Solutions our goal is to assist you along the way for you to meet compliance by the 45th day of starting therapy.