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Resmed Mask Selector

ResMed MaskSelector

Sizing patients when a face-to-face consultation isn’t possible can be difficult. But with ResMed MaskSelector, finding the recommended mask for your patients is just a few clicks away. When your patients answer just a few questions about their health, sleep habits and facial measurements, this online tool provides a recommended mask in the size that’s right for them. Take the guesswork out of remote mask recommendations by setting up your patients with ResMed MaskSelector.

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The easy solution to remote mask selection and sizing

  • Online tool makes personalized mask and size recommendations based on patient input

  • Use the recommended mask from ResMed or select from alternate options based on your staff’s expertise and inventory on hand

  • No web camera or special equipment is needed

  • Automated workflow features save time for your staff

Remote sizing in a few clicks


ResMed MaskSelector is an easy-to-use solution designed to help you find a right ResMed mask for each patient. Simply send your patients a text message or email through your outreach platform with a personalized MaskSelector link to the web-based portal. They’ll answer a few quick questions about their health and sleep habits, and also take some facial measurements. ResMed MaskSelector will then provide you with a recommended mask model and size for each patient as well as sizing recommendations for our other ResMed masks.

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Automated workflows simplify mask selection


ResMed MaskSelector features an automated workflow that seamlessly integrates with your outreach platform, making it easy to send patients a personalized text message or email, and view when mask selections are complete within the HME portal. Your staff saves time managing mask fits so they can focus on helping patients troubleshoot therapy acclimation issues and reach compliance.

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A full selection of remote setup tools


ResMed MaskSelector joins an array of tools designed to help you successfully set up your patients remotely. From patient education materials and printable checklists to our robust guidebook with everything you’ll need for remote setups, ResMed is here to support you. More details on ResMed website.

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